Lips of Poison

5MW 2m

"Who are you?" Erik asked the young representative of the Brunstedt Clan. "I am sent before you with a plead for submission", she said with fear in her eyes, albeit rather insincere, but not noticeable by Erik.

Music from a harp were playing in the night as the Stormlec Clan Leader Erik and the representative of his opponent clan stirred in each others eyes.

"Are you serious?" Erik said irritated, "The mighty and bold Rodin sends his personal maiden to request a treaty?" Looking down, and turning her head slightly upwards to Erik, she replies "I have brought a gift, fresh from the shores of Turnikel, a beast of a squid. Rodin sent me in advance to hopefully receive entry himself. He and his group of protectors are at the Inn at Helgebragt, waiting for my return with an answer.

Erik was rather relieved by the Brunstedts proposal, this feud had put a huge toll on each side. Maybe there is still good in him, Erik thought as he sat by the fireplace. "What's your name?" Erik asked the representative. "Leana," she replied while walking slowly towards him. "Tell Rodin he is welcome to Stormlec, a feast awaits him. His squid will be prepared by our best cooks." Rodin said ambitiously. "I will", Leana said and continued "he had brought another gift also". Surprised he asked "And what is that?" "Me", she replied and took of her robe. His eyes gazed at her perspirated body, drawing closer. She sat upon him. The illumination of comfort glowing from his face quickly turned red glowing of regret and anger over his weakness and stupidity. He gasped for air while he tried to get her of him, but failed. His head hit the back of his chair, and he laid there. "I forgot to tell you", Leana whispered, "I am rather poisonous this evening. Of course I will see to welcome Rodin." She stood up, took on her robe and sneaked to the gates where she opened the lock. The city of Stormlec where now under Brunstedt control.

The Revisit

5MW 1m

John stumbled in the door like a famous TV-show character. The door hit the dresser, in which tumbled a little. The vase on top began swaying back and fourth, and eventually it fell over the edge and hit the floor with a sharp breaking sound.

"What's the rush, John?" Donna said, frustrated over the vase. "Remember the archipelago", he asked while breathing profusely. "We forgot something!". She stood overwhelmly shocked.

What happened in the archipelago wasn't something they wanted to revisit, the least of him, he didn't have a nice face after that. It was almost shredded to pieces, but he saved most of it, so he is still recognisable. Donna almost went in as well, but she countered the wastelander, saving them both.

Suddenly they both stod quietly, listening. "What's that noise?" Donna asked silently. "They are back," John said and continued, "we need to go, now!". With a swiftly move Donna took the letter-opener in her fist, and slammed it at the portrait picture on the wall, breaking the glass and made a rift in the canvas, revealing a compact room. She took out a key, and said, "Follow me!".

Nelmfirhelm Infiltration

5MW 2m

In the top of the Tower of Nelmfirhelm, lived the well known spirits called the Aitens. Aitens where once fair and right, until the purge of the surrounding town.

Adylia was enslaved by the Aitens after trying to find the source of the purge, which as said to be hidden beneath the tower, in the murky sewers, which stretched for miles and where connected to other villages far and beyond. Adylia had an amulet, which was bestowed upon her after her victory in the Trials of Borgrud.

She had found the messenger boy that turned to a traitor who opened the sewer hatch to the western side of the land, where the Doons where unleashing the abnormalities. It was not hard to find him, The Doons didn't keep their promise to him about a free path to Doon. So they hanged him in a lure string in front of the turkey farm.

"I don't know who I am?", said one of the Aitens. The other ones in the room, glowing and hovering, murmured unrecognisable words. "I may help you", Adylia said, "help you with remembering I mean." The Aitens turned swiftly, the one with the yellow scar on it's right shoulder said "How can you help us, daughter of Nelm?" It asked and continued, "When we who have arcane infused with us, can't seem to find a way out of this grey mist that surrounds us." Adylia couldn't see the grey mist the Aiten was telling her about, but she knew what it was and how to help them. "I have this amulet called the Cab. It has the ability to make rifts in the boundary between the many realms of arcane dreamscapes." Looking surprised the Aiten began to reconcile with the others. After some time, he said "If this is true, we will try whatever you have in mind. If this is false and fails, we would rather have tried it, than lived for all eternity in this bleak unsatisfactory realm. "Very well. All of you, imagine the Cab in front of you, focus on its wavy energy wings, and follow it," she said and continued with a her roaring magicker voice, "follow the Cab!" The atmosphere in room began strobing from dark, red, yellow grey, and other colors not seen by Adylia before, or even the Aitens. The strobing lights ended with a mellow but firm boom, and then it was dark.

Well Played

5MW 2m

"Why did you call me?" Loyd asked, while almost slumbering in the chair. "It was 3 o'clock in the night, Louie!"

He sat by the fireplace, shivering. "The feds are on to us man! In the logfile, there was a code last night, placed there as a warning from our mole," Louie replied.

"Hush", Loyd said. "If you do it again, I'll kill you." "Whaddya mean, Loyd? I just saved our asses." "You didn't have to save our asses, if security was top notch, am I not right?" Loyd replied with a ironic, but stern face.

He continued, "Let's discuss this later, we are having an doctors appointment remember?" As they were whispering, they heard footsteps in the hall. The doctor opened the door before he noticed it was already opened, and then it was too late...

"What a snowy morning we have here folks," the radio host almost yelled while awakening the city. "Looks like we're all snowed in for the day. But let's start right on with the news. A doctor famous for opposing the pharmaceutical industry has been found murdered in his apartment tonight. Police officials are stating it was a burglary gone wrong, but some sources claims it goes deeper than that. What are your thoughts about this Doyle?" Doyle looked out the window of the radio station, and with a bleak smirk on his face he answered. "Well you know me, I have never understood conspiracy buffs. They even found the burglar! A homeless man who locked himself in the doctor's attic." The radio host replied "Well, I'm with you on this one, seems like no other way. Now onto the sports! After five consecutive losses the Giants ..."


5MW 1m

"Give a message to Martha", Joseph said, as he was laying on his deathbed. The old roses where dead and dry. The room was filled with a strong reeking odour.

"But first I have something to tell you." Melody paused and continued, "I got fired". His eyes where understanding.

"It happened aboard the spaceship, I pulled the wrong switch again", she explained. "It doesn't matter", he assured her. "Your where never meant to work there. I've seen how you fit in there, or more exactly, not. Go be what you wanna be."

The phone rang in the middle of the night. It was Doctor Schlobstedt. He had bad news, Joseph had passed away. She was now alone. But she would never forget the last thing her father said. No matter how tough it will be, the realisation of dreams will never be faraway.