The Revisit

5MW 1m

John stumbled in the door like a famous TV-show character. The door hit the dresser, in which tumbled a little. The vase on top began swaying back and fourth, and eventually it fell over the edge and hit the floor with a sharp breaking sound.

"What's the rush, John?" Donna said, frustrated over the vase. "Remember the archipelago", he asked while breathing profusely. "We forgot something!". She stood overwhelmly shocked.

What happened in the archipelago wasn't something they wanted to revisit, the least of him, he didn't have a nice face after that. It was almost shredded to pieces, but he saved most of it, so he is still recognisab...

Nelmfirhelm Infiltration

5MW 1m

In the top of the Tower of Nelmfirhelm, lived the well known spirits called the Aitens. Aitens where once fair and right, until the purge of the surrounding town.

Adylia was enslaved by the Aitens after trying to find the source of the purge, which as said to be hidden beneath the tower, in the murky sewers, which stretched for miles and where connected to other villages far and beyond. Adylia had an amulet, which was bestowed upon her after her victory in the Trials of Borgrud.

She had found the messenger boy that turned to a traitor who opened the sewer hatch to the western side of the land, where the Doons where unleashing the abnormali...

Well Played

5MW 1m

"Why did you call me?" Loyd asked, while almost slumbering in the chair. "It was 3 o'clock in the night, Louie!"

He sat by the fireplace, shivering. "The feds are on to us man! In the logfile, there was a code last night, placed there as a warning from our mole," Louie replied.

"Hush", Loyd said. "If you do it again, I'll kill you." "Whaddya mean, Loyd? I just saved our asses." "You didn't have to save our asses, if security was top notch, am I not right?" Loyd replied with a ironic, but stern face.

He continued, "Let's discuss this later, we are having an doctors appointment remember?" As they were whispering, they heard footsteps...


5MW 1m

"Give a message to Martha", Joseph said, as he was laying on his deathbed. The old roses where dead and dry. The room was filled with a strong reeking odour.

"But first I have something to tell you." Melody paused and continued, "I got fired". His eyes where understanding.

"It happened aboard the spaceship, I pulled the wrong switch again", she explained. "It doesn't matter", he assured her. "Your where never meant to work there. I've seen how you fit in there, or more exactly, not. Go be what you wanna be."

The phone rang in the middle of the night. It was Doctor Schlobstedt. He had bad news, Joseph had passed away. She was...